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It’s great to see the success of our vaccination rate. We are one of the top countries in the world to have managed to roll out the vaccines with great success. We have vaccinated more percentage of people than any other major country including Germany and the USA.

So, I think ours is a great success story. Our Government, our health service, our health care professionals, and volunteers have done a great job in rolling out the vaccination programme so successfully. So, everybody involved deserves praise.

And we are not done yet. There is a booster dose coming up for the elderly and the vulnerable groups on top of the ongoing vaccination for the rest of the population. We have already seen the results. Hospitalisation and severity of the disease and death rate have come down drastically. We all are gradually getting back to normality. Though we mustn’t get complacent and still be careful and follow common sense to keep ourselves and others safe and follow the Government guidelines and advice of the professionals. That’s the way forward.

So, well-done everyone.

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Talk to you soon. All the best.

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