New Medicine Service

The New Medicine Service is available at pharmacies to give you extra help and advice if you're just starting on a new medicine for one of the following conditions: asthma chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) type 2 diabetes high blood pressure people who have been given a new blood-thinning medicine

Medicines Use Review

You can make an appointment with a pharmacist for a more detailed consultation called a Medicines Use Review. This is especially useful if you regularly take several prescription medicines or have a long-term illness. Other healthcare professionals may also ask for your permission to refer you to a pharmacy of your choice for a Medicines Use Review, for example when you have been discharged from hospital with a change to your medicines. Tell a pharmacist if you're taking any over-the-counter medicines or any herbal remedies. They can advise you whether these can be taken at the same time or not.

Diagnosis & Investigation

If your medicine is out of date, unwanted, or some of it is left over after you have stopped taking it, do not put it in your household bin or flush it down the toilet. Instead, take it to your pharmacy to be disposed of safely.

Minor illnesses

Pharmacies can give treatment advice about a range of common conditions and minor injuries, such as: aches and pains sore throat coughs colds flu earache cystitis skin rashes teething red eye

Help with your medicines

Pharmacists can answer your questions on prescription and over-the-counter medicines. All pharmacies provide the following services: dispensing of NHS prescriptions access to the repeat prescription service (with agreement from your GP) an emergency supply of medicine, subject to the decision of the pharmacist (you may need to pay for an emergency supply) non-prescription medicines like paracetamol disposal of unwanted or out-of-date medicines advice on treating minor health concerns and healthy living Pharmacy technicians can help with things like: inhaler technique how to take a medicine safely helping you understand the correct dose of a new medicine and how often you need to take it

Medicine information

Pharmacists in this pharmacy works closely with the GO, providing information and answering queries. We also work closely with other hospitals and community teams advising about medicines for children in general.